Asus Transfomer TF300 with Keyboard and Roocase

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Asus Transfomer TF300 with Keyboard and Roocase

Post by JayRyan »

Hey guys,

I'm selling my father-in-law's Asus Transfomer TF300 (32GB). It comes with the keboard dock and a zippered case for both and if you want to go tablet only, it'll include a black leather Roocase portfolio case.

He bought it in June but never used it, then I absconded it until last month. It's in flawless shape. I had it in the Roocase the entire time so there's a scuff mark on that, but otherwise, it still has most of it's stickers and plastic wrapping on it and the keyboard has never been used.

Asking $400 for everything.

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