DIY: How to prevent your glove box hinge from breaking

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DIY: How to prevent your glove box hinge from breaking

Postby Mikewire on Oct Sat 31, 2009 6:31 pm

This would apply to the Audi A4 B5/B6/B7 but also to the MKIV crowd as well, it's just a little different. On the MKIV I completely removed the damper assembly.

Here's a fix and a "mod" that can be done on the cheap that I did this weekend. I pulled my GB (glove box) to check out the AC motor problem I was having and noticed my right hinge was starting to crack, so I decided to find way to prevent it from cracking any further, so here's what I did.

Standard disclaimer - this is a guide, and what I did. It may or may not be similar to your car, and if you break or hurt yourself I claim no responsibility.

If your hinge is not broken and/or cracked and you don't want to break further, keep reading. If your hinge is already broken and needs repaired, the follow PCYC's DIY here:

You don't need to remove the whole GB, but I had removed it anyway. I have pics from post and pre removal:

First you need to remove the hinge damper (keeps the GB from slamming open/closed). To do this, open your passenger door, and using your key, or a Flathead screwdriver pry off the dash panel to the end of the dashboard (similar to the panel that covers the fuse box on the drivers side). You will see the damper connected to the GB hinge. Remove the pin that connects the damper to the hinge with a small pair of needle nose pliers:


Then disconnect the 2 pin harness on the back of the damper - this controls the GB light on/off switch. After this is disconnected, rotate the damper up and towards the front of the vehicle, and pull out:


From here, take it to your workbench and open it up. It should look like this:


Twist the top counter-clock-wise (sorry for the pic, I turned the flash off):


Looking from the side, now pull on the top you just twisted, and it will open up:



Now, pull the plunger out and you will have this:


Now, take the damper body (the part on the left) and drill a small hole in the end of the body. I used a 1/16 drill bit:


Drilling a hole in the body will allow air into the damper body, so it will decrease the strain on the GB hinge, and prevent it from breaking or cracking further. The door will open faster, and the light switch still retains its function.

From here, reassemble the damper - reverse of disassembly. A couple of tips:

Make sure to lube the rubber plunger - I used a small amount of 3-in-1 oil. Make sure to check the function of the plunger switch. The copper contacts should connect when you pull the plunger, and disconnect when the plunger was pushed in.

Good luck! [wrench]

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