iPod/iPhone adapter

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iPod/iPhone adapter

Postby TDI in MT on Jun Fri 21, 2013 9:38 pm

I have an iPod touch (4th generation) and was looking for a way to connect it to my '03 Golf TDI. The stock Monsoon radio/CD/tape unit didn't have an aux. input, Bluetooth or USB so I had to find another way. Buying a new radio was not happening since I don't care for aftermarket units. They look like aftermarket, and with the 8 speaker, 200 watt system my car came with from the factory, it can get pretty loud. :thumbsup:

This is what I found, and it is really cool. http://www.scosche.com/1998-up-volkswagen-ipod-interface-aux-input-interface It takes the place of the optional external 6 CD changer that my car didn't have anyhow. It plugs in to the back of the radio where the external CD changer's cable is.

To the radio, it is a CD player. You can control the iPod from the radio, or from the iPod. I don't have an iPhone, but I bet it will play the music from it. (I don't know about phone call audio; does it go through the radio speakers? Would be pretty cool if it did.) The iPod is also charging while it's connected.

You can also use a non-iPod device through it's 3.5mm aux input jack. I haven't tried it and probably won't, all I care about is the iPod.

The only part that's visible is the 5' long cable connecting it to the iPod.
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