Billings Career Center Car Show 2013

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Re: Billings Career Center Car Show 2013

Postby TDI in MT on May Sat 18, 2013 9:18 pm

I did go to Billings today but got in around 2 after a stop at MIG in BZN to pick up/order more parts. Probably too late to see much so I didn't go to the show. However, I did (finally!) hit 40 mpg and almost 600 miles per tank on the trip. @ 575 miles with the low fuel light on for a while, I decided it was better to fill up in Columbus rather than take a chance and stretch it to Big Twig. So far I found I can go about 50-75 miles after the low fuel light comes on. Probably can go farther, but I'll test that around town. Shorter walking distances. ;)

40 mpg in a car with an 01M trans @ 70-75 mph - not bad indeed!
Kicking the tires...

Kicking the tires...
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Re: Billings Career Center Car Show 2013

Postby YASHA7FOLD on May Tue 28, 2013 6:29 pm

Such a crappy day for a car show. This was the drive home.

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