I can has your code knowledge pleeze...

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I can has your code knowledge pleeze...

Post by squabeggs » May Mon 17, 2010 7:21 pm

Everyones favorite little light came on today! MK4 2.0.

codes (from an OBDII scanner cause i have no vag-com) = p0351 and p0354
coil crap...no real symptoms...slight cough on idle, but pretty rare. I'm hoping maybe I just need new plugs cause I couldn't tell you the last time they were changed. (Moved like 5 months ago, and still cant find anything...like my maintenance records...)

So I'm looking for reassurance that it is most likely old crappy plugs...suggestions on new ones to get for a MK4 2.0 Jetta...and any other things to check.

And since i cant find anything in my "My Documents" pile... what is the proper plug gap and torque for re-install? (I'm gonna change em anyway...even if that is not the cause of the codes.)

Thanks for the input. I can always count on the bigskyeuro...unlike the flaky tex as of late...
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Re: I can has your code knowledge pleeze...

Post by Mikewire » May Mon 17, 2010 11:31 pm

P0351 refers to Ignition Coil (A) Cyl.1 Prim./Sec. Circ Malfunction, and P0354 is the same, only refers to cyl. 4.

So, I would check for cracks or loose connections on the coil first, then move to the wires, and replace the plugs. In my MKIV I always ran NGK coppers and replaced them every other oil change - just the OEM NGK plug, nothing special.

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