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Kicking the tires...
Kicking the tires...
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Post by Dagger281 » Apr Fri 20, 2007 9:41 am

Thats my guess... :thumbsup:
96 Mk3 ABA.... eh stick an 8v in it...

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Back seat driver...
Back seat driver...
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Re: Panel...

Post by digitalscott » Sep Sun 02, 2007 11:04 pm

Dagger281 wrote:What is that little panel below the headlights for? Light wshers like those old benzes? LOL
Yup, they are headlight washers and they come on after about the 3rd squirt on your windshield. They make a friggin mess, but look damn cool if someone happens to catch them shoot out 8 inches or so and jet water back at the lights!


The old Benzs had wipers too. These are just sprayers. I wished I had them on my MKIV for the long drives. With package 2, they are supposed to be heated so they don't freeze too, which happened to me with -40 rated wiper fluid in 20 degree weather...windchill I guess :rolleyes:

I'll be doing demonstrations at the next G2G if anyone wants a good laugh, but everyone has to sing "Mr Roboto" while I do it!
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