DSG TSB - Mechatronic Unit

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DSG TSB - Mechatronic Unit

Post by path0s » Feb Mon 14, 2011 8:48 pm

Not sure who has actually heard about this, but this is being covered by dealerships by replacing a bushing I believe in the mechatronic unit and it's actually making it so we don't get the "jerky" feeling whenever you come off from a light or in reverse as if you're just cutting the fuel supply.

Last time I was at VW they had looked it up for me themselves and said I qualified. I'm not sure of exact dates but I believe it's for 07-08 Of certain months.

I'm guessing this comes free of charge with a filter and all. But some are reporting spending 250-300 dollars... which i'm confused about, when the dealer here in Rapid City said that it would be free. But I believe if it's only under 40k miles it's free.

Just a little FYI for the few MKV's on here. But I'm sure it's something you could tell to others you know with MKV's, or some that come into your shop Renn.
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