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Re: Boned.

Post by Ramrod » Aug Thu 02, 2012 7:41 am

MikeWire wrote:Bozeman Audi.

They are doing some good work for Ramrod on his S4.
Yeah, they're doing a ton of aftermarket on my car right now. Full stage 3, turbos, IC's, inlets, fueling and a ton of little bits. We're putting on new factory heads and they are warrantying the work for 12k miles. Peter might not be able to warranty the internal work if you change the head, but not many shops will when you get into custom internals. At the end of the day you get an audi/vw certified mechanic working on your motor and that's a lot of piece of mind. I'm sure they'd still stand by their work, but they just may not be able do a full warranty.

If you need help with your build direction, you can call Blake at 3zero3 motorsport. He calls me a couple times a week giving me updates on my parts order and working around any snags. He also tracked down parts I specified, not just what he's a vendor for. Great people to work with, they've made it easy.
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Re: Boned.

Post by SpoolinDub » Aug Fri 03, 2012 2:18 pm

Nice, well thank you. Thats just what I need is a someone dependable to work on my car and a little help. Ordered a kevlar timing belt kit from ECS and a lightweight underdrive pulley kit today. Still debating this AEB head.

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