Me again, sorry.

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Me again, sorry.

Postby SpoolinDub on Jul Mon 09, 2012 7:59 pm

You guy are always so helpful so here goes. On my recent vacation to Iowa my cruise control started to turn off when I hit a larger "dip" in the highway, like over bridges and stuff. Shortly after that I started to hear this loud POP when I went to brake lightly. Kind of payed no attention to it. Figured I would fix it when I came back. Well everything was ok until I hit a huge dip in the road, you know the ones that make you go "aw crap." Then my traction control light and abs light came on. Every time I turned the car off the light(s) would go away and not come back on for a while. On my way back though the POP started to happen every time I went to stop lightly which in my driving habits is normal. On the highway when the traction/abs lights came on my cruise control would act normally, stay on and function just fine. The lights to me are pretty whatever but its the POP thats really got me worrying. The front brakes are brand new and I can tell its coming from the passenger front side. There are no wobbles and she drives straight as arrow so I'm a bit confused. I'm thinking a CV but I really don't know. I thought maybe a bearing but I jacked up the front and there was no play in the wheel, seems pretty tight. Anything you guys could throw at me would greatly be appreciated. :banghead:
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Re: Me again, sorry.

Postby YASHA7FOLD on Jul Mon 09, 2012 9:48 pm

I would definitely take the wheels off and check the calipers. Also make sure that your abs sensors is attached tightly.
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