1.8t problem

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Re: 1.8t problem

Postby vegas2017 on Mar Sun 18, 2012 8:29 pm

at high boost i would say its the ecu saving your car for you. a ko3 isnt made to run 25psi and im kinda surprised its lasted as long as it has. if you have stg 2 everything(except for your tune) i would get it reflashed with stg 2 and you'd prolly be running perfect
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Re: 1.8t problem

Postby Mikewire on Mar Sun 18, 2012 10:58 pm

You are overboosting, then going to limp mode. You have a MAP sensor in your boost tube that is not functioning, so your car will just keep overboosting until you fix that. Yasha7fold (Wade) had the same issue on his car, and he found the wires were pulled out of the sensor and it wasn't working. It sounds just like the same issue. And FWIW I am stage 2 Revo and I peak at maybe 21 psi and hold around 18-19 on a good day. Like Dave said, no way should you be running at 25.

Maybe I missed it, but are you running all the requirements for a Revo Stage 2 K03 file? What boost gauge are you running, and is it reliable/accurate?

Did you get it scanned yet? I'll scan it for you if you want, I'm in town during the day and live in Laurel.

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Re: 1.8t problem

Postby Ramrod on Mar Mon 19, 2012 7:28 am

Have you pressue tested your piping? My money is you have a boost leak, and it's giving your MAF some stange readings that are dropping you into limp mode.
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1.8t problem

Postby YASHA7FOLD on Mar Mon 19, 2012 1:02 pm

Check your map sensor. Check your map sensor. Check your map sensor. I'm jus saying that I had similar issues with my 1.8t and it ended up being a bad wire to the map.

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Re: 1.8t problem

Postby 406jetta on Mar Wed 21, 2012 1:00 am

yes i have all stage 2 requirements i had aaron(Rennwagon) from missoula do the revo stage 2 program this summer and he told me what i needed on my car to get the stage 2 program and i have all of that installed on my car. i wont be able to check the MAP until i am home for easter break. and MikeWire that would be great help if we could meet up sometime during the day in billings or if more convenient i could meet you in laurel whatever would be best for you???... thanks for the great advice and help guys still a rookie at the tuner world

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